What We Do

Outpost tells visual stories. Great stories motivate everything we do, from the meticulously timed placement of an edit to the setting of mood through color. Each video editing, grading or retouching service we offer is designed to help you craft narratives that engage the mind, stir the heart, and move audiences.


  • Editing

    Our editors are experienced in bringing out the best of every performance. They carefully select the right tone, rhythm and pacing of sounds and images to help evoke the reactions that you expect from your audience.

  • Color Grading

    Making good better. Making better awesome. Everything should have color correction. Ask for project samples. We are happy to share them!

  • Visual Effects

    Adding the elements that help create a believable world draws the viewer in closer. From sparks to smoke to shadows to wisps of dust, our visual effects skills are extensive.

  • Compositing

    We can alter reality or create it. Shoot on green screen, blue screen or no screen, and we’ll combine it with your other elements to create a seamless, beautiful image.

  • Motion Graphics

    Our motion graphic design team can create elements for explainer videos, logo animations and other typographic needs. From clean, simple type treatments to multi-layered designs, Outpost can bring them to life with motion.

  • 3-D

    Another dimension. Whether 3D computer graphics or stereoscopic 3D, we’ve got you covered.

  • Audio

    Sound design is one of many tools in our toolkit. We can help you create custom music or work with purchased tracks to make them unique to your project, including sound effects for a richer experience.

  • Distribution

    Once you’ve finished your spot, video or film, it’s got to go somewhere. We’ll get it there for you – and tuck it in real nice and snug to make sure it doesn’t break along the way. Whatever the format, wherever the destination – we deliver.

  • Project Management

    Television, film and motion projects can become complicated with numerous details involved in creating a successful product. Outpost project management skills have been honed as the industry has evolved. We know what works, how it works and when a different solution will work better. Most importantly, we work hard to keep your post-production workflow on time and budget.

  • Asset Management

    We have one word for you: petabyte. That’s over a thousand terabytes, and that’s probably on the low side of the amount of data we handle in our media management system on a regular basis. Your data is backed up to hard drive and archived to LTO tape with a 30-year shelf life. Masters and project files are mirrored in cloud-based archives. Didn't save that footage you thought you'd never need again? We did. We are constantly working to perfect an inherently imperfect process, all for one reason: to protect your data.