Courage and Compassion Alive in Birmingham

Robin's StoryIn 2008, Outpost Pictures created a short film for Pathways, a local safe haven for women and children.

This year we began crafting a new story for Pathways. We spent days with their staff, board members, and volunteers.  We also had the privilege of meeting some of the Pathways guests, who at some point had found themselves homeless. By the end of the first day of interviews, I realized that any one of us is a twist of fate away from landing in some of those same circumstances.

Organizations like Pathways make me proud to live in Birmingham. In fact, IRS research conducted by the Chronicle of Philanthropy in 2014 rated Birmingham as the third most charitable city in America. We’re not just building city parks and restaurants and music venues – we’re building people–people who are going into the community rejuvenating this city and its citizens with hope. So, I say bravo to Birmingham. Bravo to those who volunteer, donate, support and who have become the cornerstone for these philanthropies. Bravo to those women at Pathways who believe there is a better life and bravo to those who continue to encourage them to pursue it.

This is Robin’s Story. This is Pathways.

– Kristi Sasser


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