Outpost Blog on “The Dress” Published in Tao Colorist


What Color Is This Dress?

On Friday, Chris Tomberlin of Outpost emailed me about his take on a new internet meme, ‘what color is this dress?’ Huh, I thought, I have no idea what he’s talking about.

The next morning on a conference call, all the colorists were talking about this meme. “What are they talking about?” I asked the Tao Treasurer. “It’s been all over the web, even on the news.”

So, here it is, one article and one blog post—for your reading pleasure (in case you’re wondering, the first time I saw it, I saw blue and black. Today? I’m seeing white and gold):

  • Why No One Agrees On The Color Of This Dress – a great write-up on what this meme is about and the science behind it. wired.com
  • Why you need a good Colorist – Chris Tomberlin of Outpost, in the last line of this blog post, offers up the one big takeaway of this optical delusion for industry professionals. outpostpictures.tv


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